Thursday, October 7, 2010

A New Adventure

Its October all ready and fall is in full swing. I am enjoying football, and the weather. Our Homecoming parade and game are tomorrow night and I am excited to go. Catoosa has been undefeated so far this year and I am hoping it stays that way. The football team this year is fired up and are doing an AWESOME job! I am proud to be a CATOOSA INDIAN!

As most of you know, I said good bye to Curves for Women. My Wonderful Boss Lorna had to close the business down. We spent 7 great years together. She was more than my boss, she was and is a dear friend to me. I love her. She called me in July and told me that they were closing or selling the business. My heart sank. I was so sad to hear those words.I was going to miss all the ladies I have been with all through the years and I was worried where i would find a job. I was beginning to stress over the thought of going back out in the work force and trying to find a job that would work for me. August I got a call from a teacher friend to tell me that there would be an opening at HPLC. First let me back up.I have been a Sub in the District for 7 years and I have wanted a job at Catoosa Schools ever since my kids were small. I bet if you looked in their files, you might find a stack of applications every year that I put them in. Well I drove myself down to the school administration building and put in another application. Over the years I have grown to know about 80% of the staff at Catoosa schools. I turned my application and I got a job interview. It was a job being the computer lab teacher. I thought this job was right up my alley, and It had all the hours and benefits that I wanted too. A few days later...the Principal called and told me I had the job. I cried and cried tears of joy! I was so excited! I think I may have squealed in the phone to her too, lol. It is an adventure everyday working with 1st grade and Kindergarten kids. I absolutely LOVE my job and I hope I am here until I retire.I love the kids and their smiles brighten my day.

God knew what I needed. He closed the door to one job as another one opened for me. He gave me the hours i wanted and more. God went before me and opened the doors. Its all in his timing. For years I was needed at Curves to make a difference in Women's lives and now its the children who need me. I am the PUTER TEACHER and I LOVE MY NEW ADVENTURE!!!

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